Selling Your Home In Winter: Presentation Tips

Selling your home in the winter months isn’t without its challenges. The colder weather tends to put off potential buyers, as the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas tends to be the slowest time of the year in the realty market.

But winter also brings about new possibilities for determined sellers, as staging your home for the season can really make it feel homely and easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves there.

When the weather outside is frightful…

First and foremost, make sure that all the rooms in your home are warm, and heated to roughly the same temperature. With it being cold outside, potential buyers will notice if a room or hallway is colder than other areas of the house.

Buyers may think that your home has heating issues or the current heating system doesn’t work efficiently.

Darker, shorter days

Make Sure the Home is Well Lit

Because the winter days in Augusta County are much shorter than in other months, there is the risk that your homes darker corners will become a lot more noticeable.

Your home needs to feel light and welcoming, and in winter the best way to do this is to ditch dark lampshades, replacing them with lighter, neutral colors and to introduce strategically placed mirrors and accent lamps to amplify the light in the room.

Winter curb appeal

Shovel Away any Snow from Paths

Curb appeal matters. A lot. It’s your potential buyer’s first impression! In winter this often goes neglected.

Before you think about sprucing up your home’s appearance, you need to make it safe to access. If there’s snow, invest in a snowplow service, or break out the shovel and some elbow grease to clear both the driveway and pathway. If you have guest houses, garages, or something to show off in your yard, make sure you clear access to those as well.

In the summer months and in fall, your trees will be full of color – and leaves. Because it’s winter and a festive period, there is no better excuse than to invest in some Christmas Lights and detract from the fact that the tree is bare. This is also a great way to draw attention to your house – and your ‘for sale’ sign.

Finally, make sure your front door and porch is well lit and has a fresh coat of paint or stain. Hang a festive wreath and place a sturdy doormat so your potential buyers know you take care of your home.

A Christmas wreath will help potential buyers envision the home being theirs

Selling your home during the winter may require a bit more patience but if you follow the guidance here you can help your home stand out from the pack. Happy selling!

– Kathleen Kellett’s Team